Nothing lives forever. Not systems. Not organizations. Not ideas.

America’s two major political parties have been reduced by time, distortion and disinterest to no more than colors: Democratic blue and Republican red. Brand names on the ‘box’…not much inside.

Our declining public education system gives little time for history, none for civics lessons, so few know what political parties are supposed to be about – and most couldn’t care less. Some have suggested that the two party system become Liberal and Conservative – replacement names that serve to at least describe something tangible. Nothing doing. Habit supports longevity and habits die hard.

The Liberal Party was established in 1943 essentially to help rid the Democratic Party of corruption and to humanize the Republican Party’s desire to use its wealth and power to run roughshod over the working class.

Sadly, after 70+ years those conditions prevail. Withal, the Liberal Party believes that good government and the equal opportunity it provides are forces stronger than corruption, ideology and self-interest.

As it strives to refocus its efforts and regain its influence, the Liberal Party believes that a political party must concentrate on problem-solving as it does on election campaigns. And so, it has chosen four areas where change can lead to progress and community well-being. They are:

    – Term limits so as to destroy the key to corruption: public office longevity
    – Education with a total concentration on teacher training and preparation
    – Student loan debt to repeal laws responsible for 43 million Americans owing $1.4 trillion
    – Fixing the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) where 500,000 live in a slum.

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