Jack Olchin, State Chairman of the Liberal Party since 2008, but a member of the party for 68 years, passed away on January 30, 2015 as the result of cardiovascular complications.

Mr. Olchin, who joined the Liberal Party four years after its creation and immediately following his military service in WW!!, was known and recognized frequently by countless political leaders in both the Democratic and Republican parties in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. He was regarded by the political establishment as having the ability to make the Liberal Party work for both parties from time to time and election to election. He was considered to be a “ straight up- straight talking guy, a man of his word and a man of principal who understood the needs of people and how good government could help them.

Olchin was a State Vice Chairman of the Liberal Party for 15 years and its Nassau County chairman for twenty years. Under his direction the Liberal Party often provided the votes necessary to win close elections…the most recent several years ago when Ed Mangano won an upset victory to become Nassau County Executive. His first call on election night was to thank Jack Olchin for helping get Liberal Party enrollees to the polls even though the Liberal Party had lost its ballot status in 2005.

During his years in Nassau County, Mr. Olchin served the county as Deputy County Clerk and Deputy County Attorney. At the time of his death he served on the County Assessment Review Commission and the Employment Relations Board in Hempstead.

As much as he loved politics, Jack Olchin was a fan of the Broadway theater…a regular ‘Broadway baby’. Over a long stretch of years he attended every single play in a Broadway season…every single one. They were all wonderful to him…those that became big hits and those that closed after one night. A fan for all seasons.

During the years since 2005 Olchin worked tirelessly to return the Liberal Party to ballot status and its place of influence for good government in New York State. He sincerely believed it would happen – and the Liberal Party leadership will work to make certain it does.


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